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Regeneratively Grown Hemp & Herbal Products,
From Our Farm For Your Wellness.

Our most popular CBD products

All-natural remedy to promote a sense of calm and mellow euphoria.

Deeply cooling and relaxing effects of menthol and camphor, synergistically enhanced by the beneficial effects of Full Spectrum CBD Extract.


Small Craft Batch

Herbal Remedy

From sowing hemp seeds in April to blending oils in November, we take pride in bringing you the highest quality of small-batch, craft botanicals.

Full Spectrum Oil

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is made from the resinous cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the hemp flower. These complementary phytochemicals work in harmonizing the body’s systems.

Why choose Gabriel's Garden?

The journey of our craft hemp botanicals starts with our care for the seed and soil. Our hemp is lovingly grown, harvested, extracted, and formulated to aid you on your path to wellness.

Whether you 're struggling with stress, sleeping problems, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, aging, or just trying to balance a busy life, CBD and other "plant allies" can help.

We want you to know about the benefits of cannabinoids for helping your body find homeostasis and wellbeing. We are committed to providing our families, friends, community and customers with access to the highest quality product at an affordable price. 

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Welcome to Gabriel’s Garden: a family-owned,
seed-to-oil, regenerative small farm.

We are your source and resource for CBD botanical products and wellness education. Our mission is to restore human and environmental health by cultivating and producing high-quality, affordable hemp and herbal products. 

We’re dedicated to regenerative agriculture, ethical sourcing, and reconnecting people to the source of our nourishment: the soil. Human civilization depends on healthy soil, and after decades of neglect, its time to transform agriculture. Regenerative farming benefits ecosystems by building organic matter and biodiversity in soil, drawing down carbon, and improving the water cycle. We blend our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with high-quality oils and other herbs that are organic and ethically-sourced. 

Every purchase you make from Gabriel’s Garden is an investment in our collective future. With your support we can grow our capacity to implement larger land-based regenerative projects that are mission-driven, community-guided, and financially-sustainable. Read more in Our Vision.

Regenerative Agriculture

We use beyond-organic methods that build soil and support biodiversity. Regenerative agriculture benefits ecosystems by building organic matter and biodiversity in soil, drawing down carbon, and improving the water cycle. 

Craft batch regeneratively family farmed

Gabriel’s Garden full spectrum hemp products are handcrafted from seed to oil. 

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