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Certificate of Analysis (COA: Lab Results) Independent 3rd Party, State-Registered Labs

Quality and Transparency

COA: Lab Results

All of Gabriel’s Garden’s products are analyzed by independent 3rd party labs to assure our products are free of contaminants and heavy metals, and potencies are consistent.  This is one way we express our commitment to integrity, transparency, and consistency.

Certificate of Analysis are always from an independent, Colorado-registered 3rd party CGMP laboratory.  We use Aurum Labs for their excellent services.

Full Panel COAs: Lab Results - MotherBatches

What do Full Panel COA: Lab tests look for, and why is it important?

In a full panel analysis lab technicians test for heavy metals, residual solvents, microbials (like mold and yeast), and pesticides.  Every lab report has a unique QR that – when scanned with your phone camera – will link you back to the original Certificate Of Analysis report on the lab’s website.

Any of the above listed contaminants can be a hazard to your well being.  Heavy metals in toxic loads can shut down organ function, and cause chronic fatigue. Pesticides and molds can be neurotoxins.

Full panel tests are now required by state licensing agencies on all CBD products.  This requisite is legitimizing the industry, and is a badge of authenticity cbd producers can display to customers.

  • Notice! The concentration displayed in the COA: Lab Results are not potency levels we can sell.  Instead, all of the products we do sell are derived from these Mother batches, which have been lab verified to be free of contaminates and heavy metals.  Independent labs verify potency levels on our respective “Product batches” – see above.

COAs: Lab Results - Product Batch Potency

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