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Planting the seeds

Cultivating Botanical Dreams: The Story of Gabriel’s Garden

Gabriel’s Garden is the fruit of our labor of love. The seed that has slowly grown into Gabriel’s Garden was planted almost 7 years ago, blessed by our first kiss in a cathedral of ancient Redwoods where Jeremiah had played since childhood. 

Our love for each other is rooted in our love for the land, soil, water, air, and fellow creatures.

Our passion is ignited by a shared need to make sense of this incredibly challenging time for humanity and our planet, a sense of responsibility to future generations, and a burning desire to DO SOMETHING to repair humanity’s relationship with Earth and with each other. 

We spent our days off in the garden, planting trees and building soil, or playing in the forest, dreaming of planting trees and building soil. We studied ecological design and herbal medicine. We brought people together and built community while exploring a better way to live on Earth. We imagined a “Tree School” to nurture our future child. We hit the road to visit and learn from inspiring projects that heal the earth and soothe our wounded culture… and of course, to plant as many trees as possible. We left a trail of green behind us.

We are farmers, activists, and healers. We have learned that transforming agriculture is one of the most important strategies for repairing our planet’s climate and ecosystems, at the same time repairing human health and wellbeing.

When we learned I was pregnant, the first thing we did was plant a garden, a “food forest,” as a gift to our unborn son.

Now Gabriel is a little boy, almost 4 years old and already a farmer who has planted seeds, watered them, watched them sprout and grow and blossom and be pollinated by bees and butterflies and finally, bear fruit. Gabriel loves making bouquets. He knows which plants are food and which are medicine. He can identify plantain and knows to use it if he gets a splinter or bee sting. He helps us cook nourishing meals from the garden and can, ferment, and dry the harvest. He forages to feed our chickens and rabbits. He is deeply connected to the source of his nourishment, a connection that will serve as a strong foundation for his physical, mental and spiritual health and ensure he is a good steward of our beautiful planet. 

This connection to food and medicine, grown in a way that heals our bodies and our planet, is the gift of Gabriel’s Garden, the gift we want to share with you.

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