Warming Intimacy Oil

Sensual blend of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and other traditional aphrodisiacs infused in organic coconut MCT oil. Relaxes, stimulates lubrication, enhances sensation, and smells delicious.


If you’re looking for the best CBD lube to enhance sensation and sexual pleasure, look no further. Treat yourself or your lover to this personal lubricant and massage oil made of organic coconut MCT oil infused with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and other herbs traditionally used for aphrodisiac qualities. This gently warming, deliciously aromatic sex oil will improve intimacy in your life. Give this CBD lube and sex oil a try with a partner or as part of your own self-care routine.

Our happy customers love the texture and scent! They report increased ability to orgasm, and relief from pain during sex due to post-menopausal vaginal dryness:

“I am totally in love with this CBD lube sex oil. The enhanced sensation is incredible and takes our lovemaking to the next level… with deep, earth-shaking orgasms that allow me to release so much of the stress and tension I carry from daily life! My husband loves it too. Plus, it smells delicious and is made from ingredients I feel great about using in my most sensitive areas, unlike so many other commercial lubes.” 

“I had the great fortune of trying an early version of this creation – and it changed my life! As a postmenopausal woman, I suffered from atrophied vaginal walls, making sexual intimacy (and ob-gyn exams) difficult and extremely painful. With regular use of this creation, my tissues regained flexibility and moistness and I am able to enjoy sexual intimacy in ways I once thought was no longer possible for me.”

“Before using this CBD lube, I had been trying other lubricants but experiencing very little sensation as I am post-menopause. I was gifted a small jar of the CBD lubricant and had great results, I experienced more feeling and sensation and now actually orgasm again!”

“…this lube will leave you smiling for the rest of the day. Highly recommend this product!”


2 fluid oz in a UV-protective glass bottle with a pump dispenser for easy and clean application.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Linda Ward
Very Satisfied

This oil is just what I've been looking for. As an intimacy oil it is gentle and effective. As a healing, soothing vaginal support, it has been very good. I have had sensitive skin issues for the last few years and needed to find unscented, gentle ingredients.

Thank you for this unique and effective product.
L. W.

May Everyone Have Yummy Warm Luv!!

This warming intimacy oil is just the ingredient to help a sensual experience go from preliminary level to piping hot, slippery, juicy, yummy fun, fun, fun!! Yes, I enjoy using this product very much! From the quality ingredients to the smell and feel, I recommend this product.

Smiles galore

WOW, What a wonderful lubricant oil. This CBD heated up my intimate experience in the most soothing way! It was also healing.

Really nice product

Love the scent - a really nice oil. Highly recommended.

JD Stier

Finally a product that is just right for my wife and myself! The quality comes through, every element of the experience is ideal. I’ve already recommended this to friends and family.