RoseBud Hemp & Herbal Yoni Steam

RoseBud Hemp & Herbal Yoni Steam


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The practice of vaginal steaming, or “yoni steams,” is a simple, gentle, and luxurious way to care for your womb and vagina, along with your mental and emotional wellbeing. The practice involves sitting or squatting over the steam of a pot of herbs that are specifically chosen for their role in supporting reproductive health (more detailed instructions below). 

The potential benefits of these herbs include supporting healthy menstrual cycles, nourishing and toning the womb, and cleansing, healing and moisturizing soft tissue. Yoni steams have traditionally been used for alleviating painful menstrual cycles, supporting womb health and fertility, easing discomfort from menopause, and healing trauma from sex, childbirth, and miscarriage.

You might be surprised by the energetic shifts that can occur when you take the time to nurture and nourish your yoni and womb. 

Available in 2 oz (4 steams) or 1/2 oz (1 steam).

Recommended use: Steep ½ oz of yoni steam herbs in a pot of hot water. Wait until the steam is a comfortable temperature (make sure it isn’t too hot), then squat over the pot (or place it inside the bowl of your toilet or in an open-seated chair). Wrap a towel or blanket over your bottom half to contain the steam. Enjoy the relaxing sensation of the steam for 20-30 minutes.