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Experiencing the Delight CBD Intimacy Oil

How Can CBD Intimacy Oil Improve Your Sex Life?

This CBD Intimacy Oil is unlike anything else we’ve come across: organic coconut MCT oil infused with not only CBD, but also an array of flowers and herbs that have been carefully selected for their aphrodisiac and tissue-nourishing qualities. The result is a sensual experience that is truly Delightful!

We love our Afternoon CBDelight Warming Intimacy Oil, and we know you will too!

Reproductive organs and sexual tissues are rich in cannabinoid receptors.1 CBD stimulates blood flow to these tissues, which in turn increases sensitivity and encourages the body to produce its own lubrication.1 Thus, CBD enhances sensation while reducing anxiety and helping you relax, increasing your “orgasmic potential.”2 According to Diana Urman, a sex therapist who was interviewed by HuffPost for an article on CBD and sexual wellness, “one of the key elements for women to reach their orgasmic potential is a deep sense of relaxation and an absence of overbearing anxiety.”2 See this article to learn more about how CBD and the endocannabinoid system work in our bodies.

While CBD works its magic, the other plant allies in our CBD Intimacy Oil further enhance arousal while also nourishing the soft tissue of our bodies’ most sensitive areas. Damiana, ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom have all been used as aphrodisiacs for centuries by cultures around the world and have other skin benefits too. Rose, calendula, chamomile, and marshmallow nourish our skin and help rejuvenate soft tissue. Vitamin E is known for its moisturizing benefits to skin, enhancing wound healing and reducing irritation. And finally, nourishing and antimicrobial, organic coconut MCT oil makes a wonderful base.  Working synergistically, these amazing plant allies provide our most sensitive (and vulnerable) regions with lubrication, enhanced blood flow and stimulation, delightful sensation, and support for skin health and tissue integrity. Learn more about the benefits of each ingredient in the “Plant Allies” section below.

Who Should Use CBD Intimacy oil?

Our Afternoon CBDelight Warming CBD Intimacy Oil can enhance sensation for anyone with a vulva or penis, and is especially supportive for people dealing with tension, anxiety, or pain related to sex. We’ve received extremely positive feedback from women who are post-menopause or dealing with endometriosis and typically experience pain during sex. We’ve also heard from folks–including men with ED–who love the enhanced sensation and increased ability to orgasm. And we know it’s great for couples with children and/or demanding lives (like us!) whose relationship can really benefit from a small investment in the realm of intimacy. 

Please note that like all oil-based lubes, Afternoon CBDelight can degrade latex and is not compatible with latex condoms. If you use latex condoms, you can still enjoy the relaxation and enhanced sensation of Afternoon CBDelight for self-care or during partner massage and foreplay (more on that below!).

Directions for Use

This is the fun part! The label on Afternoon CBDelight reads:

“Suggested Use: 3-5 pumps for direct application to genitals.

Recommended Use: Apply liberally and incorporate butt, breast and hip massage before and during intercourse.”

We can’t recommend strongly enough incorporating partner massage (and self-massage) into your foreplay. Light a candle, take some deep breaths, and let the fun begin! There are so many benefits to partner and self-massage: building connection and intimacy, relieving tension and pain, stimulating blood flow and enhancing sensation to some of our most sensitive body parts. Massaging the hips and groin is surprisingly erotic.

Afternoon CBDelight can be used anywhere on the body, smells amazing, and is safe to ingest. We use it for full-body and even scalp massage (our scalps love the combination of beneficial herbs and coconut oil – see the “Plant Allies” section below to learn more). 

And of course, you can use Afternoon CBDelight any time of day… and you don’t need partner to enjoy it!

What’s the story behind the name?

Afternoon CBDelight is a celebration of intimacy during the times in life when it may not come as easily: couples with busy lives making intimacy a priority; elders continuing the feed the flame of intimacy and romance that has carried them through a long life or relationship; individuals investing in self-care and self-love.

We discovered the CBDelight of hemp lube when our son was a toddler, my partner had begun farming hemp, we were exhausted and our love life needed a boost. I had begun experimenting with making all sorts of hemp products, and voila! Hemp-infused coconut oil turned out to be a great choice for partner massage and intimacy.

We began experimenting with various textures and complimentary herbs, those traditionally used for aphrodisiac and soft tissue rejuvenation. We shared our CBD lube creations with friends and asked for feedback.

Among the various positive reviews we received, one story shared by a friend in her late sixties really stood out. Post-menopause, she experienced severe vaginal pain and dryness that prevented her and her partner from being sexually intimate. They tried many solutions, but eventually resigned themselves to a life with physical affection but without sexual intimacy. But a jar of one of our earliest formulations of CBD lube changed that! With regular application of the CBD lube, our friend’s vaginal walls gradually returned to a soft, flexible, pink and healthy state, and she and her partner are once again able to enjoy intimacy. Our friend was so enthusiastic about our hemp lube that she insisted we develop a product that could be marketed widely. 

We continued developing the hemp lube, and took our research seriously! We “tested” every adaptation of the formula. As parents who are often exhausted at the end of the day and still share a bed with our four-year-old son, we needed to get creative with our “research and development” sessions. Often our “product testing” happened in the afternoons when our son was napping or in childcare.

Meanwhile, another woman in her sixties–who had regained her ability to orgasm thanks to our hemp lube–mentioned how much she had loved the song “Afternoon Delight” when she was our age. The song, released in 1976 by Starland Vocal Band, reached the top of the charts and is considered one of the 25 sexiest songs of all time according to

Though the official music video (and a parody of the song that appeared in Anchor Man) now seems somewhat hilariously cheesy, the lyrics capture something both incredibly sexy and deeply wholesome at the same time:

“My motto’s always been, when it’s right it’s right….

Why wait until the middle of the cold, dark night?

When everything is clearer in the night of day…

And, the night is always gonna be there anyway…”

We couldn’t agree more. And that, my friends, is the essence of “Afternoon CBDelight.” 

Plant Allies: the benefits of Afternoon CBDelight ingredients

Calendula is an excellent addition to skin products like our Warming Intimacy Oil because it is rich in flavonoids, and has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Calendula is known to improve collagen synthesis in the sub-epidermal connective tissue and enhance new growth tissue in wound healing. We lovingly grow our calendula from seed we have been saving for years, which originally came from the herb garden at the California School of Herbal Studies.

Cardamom, the “Queen of Spices,” is a traditional aphrodisiac that improves circulation, is rich in nutrients, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial. 

Chamomile promotes calm relaxation, is rich in antioxidants, and has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It helps heal minor skin wounds with its analgesic, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties. Chamomile also increases the penetration and effectiveness of other herbs.

Cinnamon, a traditional aphrodisiac, is a warming vasodilator that increases blood flow. Cinnamon also helps build collagen and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Damiana, a vascular dilator that enhances blood flow, is traditionally known for its aphrodisiac qualities.  Damiana is rich in nutrients, polyphenols and flavonoids that benefit skin. It is also a mood enhancer that  regulates androgens, balancing hormones.  

Ginger, a warming vasodilator, stimulates blood flow and has been used an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. Ginger is also antimicrobial, anti inflammatory, rich in antioxidants, and promotes tissue elasticity. 

Marshmallow root has been used for thousands of years to treat skin conditions (as well as digestive and respiratory conditions) – thanks in part to its mucilaginous qualities. Marshmallow root can relieve skin irritation, has antimicrobial properties that may help with wound healing, and can improve overall skin health.*

Rose petals not only boost your mood with their delicious scent, they are also rich in antioxidants and nutrients that help keep your skin vibrant and healthy. Rose petals promote collagen integrity and soft tissue integrity. They are a superb emollient for moisturizing, balancing the skin’s moisture and oils while keeping the skin’s moisture barrier strong.

Vitamin E is a moisturizer that enhances wound healing and reduces irritation.  Rich in antioxidants, it increases the shelf-life of products.

All of our ingredients are certified organic or organically grown, and blended with love and care you bring you the highest-quality, full spectrum, Warming CBD Intimacy Oil.

Are you ready for a stay-at-home Valentine’s Day that’s truly memorable? Give “Afternoon CBDelight” a try. Get 25% off using code Delightful25 at check-out, and enjoy!


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