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Our farm, Gabriel’s Garden, is a symbol of our vision for the future. It is the face of our hopes and dreams – not just for our own child – but for all children and all future generations. It is a vision of returning our planet to its fullest potential, a lush garden for all living creatures to enjoy and be able to flourish. 


We are committed to being responsible stewards of the planet and to doing our part so that future generations may inherit a world where the whimsical animals we read about in Gabriel’s storybooks—polar bears and elephants, monarch butterflies and blue whales—still exist, a world in which clean air and water are abundant, where wild and green spaces are once again plentiful enough to anchor our planet’s climate, and where human health is once again deeply rooted in the health of our soil. 


Gabriel’s Garden is one path toward that future. We empower ourselves and our customers to take ownership of our collective wellbeing, to be well-supported to engage in our work in the world, to reconnect to the source of our nourishment, and to support regenerative agricultural practices that allow humans and nature to coexist peacefully and abundantly.


Through our manufacturing and retail business, Cultivating Botanical Dreams, we offer potent, high-quality and affordable CBD oils and complementary herbal wellness products for daily use. Our farm, Gabriel’s Garden, integrates hemp, herbs, flowers, animals, and nutrient-dense produce. 

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