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Excellent oil

I put this oil on at night over my most painful areas and it starts working in minutes, allowing me to sleep. I've tried so many different meds and natural alternatives, but this one gives me the most relief from severe pain from my Fibromyalgia.

My favorite for winding down

This tea is my favorite for decompressing after a loaded work day. It makes my evenings easy going. It is very pleasant.

Gently Picks Me Up

This tea has a satisfying robust flavor and gives me some easy-going pep.

Great tea

Smooth and deep flavor

Very Satisfied

This oil is just what I've been looking for. As an intimacy oil it is gentle and effective. As a healing, soothing vaginal support, it has been very good. I have had sensitive skin issues for the last few years and needed to find unscented, gentle ingredients.

Thank you for this unique and effective product.
L. W.

May Everyone Have Yummy Warm Luv!!

This warming intimacy oil is just the ingredient to help a sensual experience go from preliminary level to piping hot, slippery, juicy, yummy fun, fun, fun!! Yes, I enjoy using this product very much! From the quality ingredients to the smell and feel, I recommend this product.

Smiles galore

WOW, What a wonderful lubricant oil. This CBD heated up my intimate experience in the most soothing way! It was also healing.

A wonderful product!!!

I have used many CBD oils and this by far my favorite! It is a high quality product that is quite potent. I use it for anxiety, sleep, inflammation and pain. It works amazing!
If you're looking for a natural way to get great sleep and more. Order your bottle today.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Brittany Mommaerts
Very effective

These products have served me greatly! After I fell down a flight of stairs on my legs and could feel them bruising and stiffening to the point that I didn’t want to move, I rubbed some of my GG’s cbd on my legs and took some internally, and within a few minutes my joints and muscles had loosened up and I was feeling so much better! My dog is also a big fan of his doggy strength cbd. A few days a week he goes to a dog camp for 8+ hours and comes home very tired and sore but can’t get comfortable enough to fall asleep with his stiff muscles. So I give him some of his 300mg potion and lights out, he is one comfortable, happy boy!

Really nice product

Love the scent - a really nice oil. Highly recommended.


Finally a product that is just right for my wife and myself! The quality comes through, every element of the experience is ideal. I’ve already recommended this to friends and family.

Excellent oil

I love the flavor of Gabriel's Garden full spectrum CBD oil. Great consistency, great efficacy, and a wonderful flavor (not green, not spicy, more like a tea than an extracted product.) Thank you Gabriel's Garden for your attention to detail!

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Lovely stuff!

I really enjoy this lube! Not too slick, just enough to help stimulate your own personal lubricant and feels fantastic!

Smells so good!

I love this new Warming Intimacy Oil. Everything from the pump dispenser, to the gentle fragrance, to the feel on the skin leads to a heightened awareness. Bellisimo!

It works great!

This salve is very versatile. It's great for chronic aches and pain but works just as well for acute overuse. I highly recommend it!

Works wonders!

Gabriel's Garden cooling salve is super effective for treating aches and pains. I have been using it on my neck and shoulders after long days of physical labor (orchard pruning!) and I find that my body relaxes and recovers more quickly from this work when I apply this at the end of the day and before bed. I love the feel and scent of the cooling oils as well!

It's the best!

I love this lube! The texture is smooth and light, the scent delicious and application is convenient from the pump bottle. This oil has added a lovely new dimension to my intimate life- both me and my partner are really enjoying it!

It's amazing!

I love the taste of this oil and it makes me feel wonderful. I use just a bit (a few drops to a dropperful) when I am wanting to relax during the day. I am really happy to find a such a high quality and effective remedy. Also, it is very important to me to know that this product was produced in a socially and environmentally responsible way, I can feel the difference. Thanks Gabriel's Garden!

Warming CBD Intimacy Oil
Brittany Stevens
A Delightful Afternoon Indeed!

This lube is amazing! It's smooth, not sticky, smells/tastes great, and the gradual warmth really turns up the heat. Whether you're sharing intimate time with a partner or taking some extra special me time on your own, this lube will leave you smiling for the rest of the day. Highly recommend this product!

Love this Lube!

Wonderful experience with the Warming intimacy oil! Gently warming, smells great and tastes good too. So glad we tried it, and will definitely be using again. Love this product!

Life Changing!

I had the great fortune of trying an early version of this creation – and it changed my life! As a postmenopausal woman, I suffered from atrophied vaginal walls, making sexual intimacy (and ob-gyn exams) difficult and extremely painful. With regular use of this creation, my tissues regained flexibility and moistness and I am able to enjoy sexual intimacy in ways I once thought was no longer possible for me.


Most high quality grown CBD hemp, in full Integrity with regenerative farming practices. Nourishing to body and soil!!! So relaxing and soothing to the nervous and muscular systems Gracias! .


"Before using this CBD lubricant, I had been trying other lubricants but experiencing very little sensation as I am post-menopause. I was gifted a small jar of the CBD lubricant and had great results, I experienced more feeling and sensation and now actually orgasm again!

Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Gwenivere Weiss
Helps me unwind from my day.

Im incredibly sensitive to any medicines/herbs and have a hard time sleeping. I’ve been taking a dropper of Gabriel’s Garden full spectrum hemp oil before bed and it helps me relax and get ready for bed. I’ve been sleeping better and highly recommend this product! Don’t wait. It’s amazing.

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